Storytelling as a Strategy

You need better leads. Maybe you need more leads, too.

Both are possible when you seek to understand root-cause. I’ll help you to generate full-funnel conversion by aligning your marketing and sales processes.

Making the map.

Marketing is just the practice of capturing attention and creating a reaction. Easy enough, right?

It’s a study of people — it’s how you interact with them.

A buyer’s journey through the marketing funnel — from recognizing a problem to finding a solution — is a dialogue. The marketer’s job is to listen and to guide. In addition to generating interest, marketing has ultimately become a practice of relational dynamics.

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Marketing Strategy

It all starts with designing a plan. We’ll distill your goals, the impact you want to make, and the ways in which you want to create results.

Content Creation

The trick to getting more leads and conversions? Writing copy that sounds human and that will resonate with, well, humans.

Keynote Speaking

My personal story and actionable marketing knowledge give you positive ways to enact change and earn results.


  1. Marketing = relational dynamics.
  2. Stop selling. Start offering.
  3. Communicate empathetic solutions in a way that’s relatable.
  4. Pattern recognition breeds perspective and paves the way to actionable insights.
  5. Transparency creates human connection. Lack of transparency fractures it.

What can my relationally-dynamic approach bring to your marketing funnel?

Relating to others.

The marketing funnel offers opportunity to share value with those who stand to benefit; commensurate with the awareness, consideration, and decision making stages of the buyer’s journey. It starts at the Top Of the Funnel with articulating the problem – depicting the pain points experienced by a specific persona in a specific way.

There are better approaches than selling, pitching, and imploring.
It starts with describing a problem and offering solutions. Invite participation. Building your credibility helps products and solutions resonate with the people who stand to benefit. Let’s construct the plan together.

Winning with empathy.

Successfully leading with empathy means seeking to understand.

Marketing trends are historically brash and can be full of pivot points. Trends that get widespread notoriety aren’t always designed for a narrow, segmented audience. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast, so long as you understand the “why” of where you’re going. I’ll help you work backward to align your wants and needs with the practical applications that will bring them to life.

Composure helps directional decision making.

Composure followed by communicated insight is often the result of understanding.
And, understanding usually comes from accumulating perspective; which grows through active engagement.

More specifically, perspective is enhanced by listening.

How can we achieve increased understanding so you can lead with empathy and relate to your community?

We’re going to pay attention to cause and effect.

Like, real close attention.

In marketing, pattern recognition applies to people, processes, and measured reactions (or lack thereof).

A well structured marketing funnel is built on reps of “this happened, because of this, and will result in that. Here’s what I can change. Here is what I can’t change. Based on what I know, this is the solution we should try”.

  1. Articulating this process in easily digestible messaging will create more engagement.
  2. Tailored communication of why a solution is the right fit will generate more conversions.

Insight without honesty ruins authenticity.

Sharing what you know with who it impacts is the structural integrity binding our marketing funnel together.

Communities are subsets of larger groups, woven together through commonality. When we write to the mission, joys, and pain points of a real member of our audience, our message’s relatability will reverberate through our ecosystem.

Tactless, broad sweeping messaging doesn’t foster community if it’s designed for everyone. We need to be specific.

Derek MacDonald

  1. Talk like a person (good)
  2. Talk like a person interested in helping others (better)
  3. Be a person interested in understanding and helping others (best)

dynamic rules for marketing.

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