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Storytelling builds strong brands.

I’ll help you to generate pipeline growth by creating content that converts.

What. So What. Now What.

It takes about 6 to 8 touches to generate a viable sales lead. It takes 1 action, or lack thereof, to turn a warm lead into a lost opportunity.

I’ll help you make the most of how you interact with your leads.

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How Can I Help?

In its simplest form? I’ll write for them. Not for you.

Using emotive language only works if the emphasized experience is for the reader’s benefit and not the writer’s.

A buyer’s journey through the marketing funnel — from recognizing a problem to finding a solution — is a dialogue. Our job is to listen and to guide.

Our ability to do that depends a whole lot on the tools and resources we create and deploy to actively listen on our behalf. The quality of those materials are especially important since the next thing our lead will see from us will likely come from an automated trigger.

Persona-specific messaging is a must.

Why should we communicate with our segmented leads differently based on their persona?

Well, telling someone they need your product or service because you want them to buy it is not the same as understanding their problem and describing our solution.

Converting a lead might look like providing them with a tool or resource to better understand your product or service, rather than presenting them with an option to purchase.

Their pain points and your applicable solutions don’t change. What can change is the way we explain how they fit together.

Derek MacDonald

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Content That Communicates Better

Talk like a person (good)

Talk like a person interested in helping others (better)

Be a person interested in understanding and helping others (best)

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It all starts with designing a plan. We’ll distill your goals, the impact you want to make, and the ways in which you want to create results.

Content Creation

The trick to getting more leads and conversions? Writing copy that sounds human and that will resonate with, well, humans.

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My personal story and actionable marketing knowledge give you positive ways to enact change and earn results.