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Attaching Emotional Literacy

Hard skills without soft skills fall short. Both hinge on a desire to learn.

As a manager, strategist, writer, athlete, coach and keynote speaker, I have long been enamored with the journey – the stories of how and why we pursue the destination.

Mission: Permission

Examining the confluence of personal leadership, mental health, and marketing.

The pervasive lack of comprehension around emotional literacy makes navigating digitized, social ecosystems significantly more difficult for kids and adults alike; with profound, limiting developmental impacts that follow us from our formative years into adulthood.

My interest in understanding the mental formations that drive people to reach their goals has earned me a finely-tuned expertise in exploring personal growth and fulfillment.

I think it’s important to talk about.

What do emotional literacy and a comprehension of healthy relational attachment have to do with marketing strategy?

As it turns out – everything.

Derek MacDonald

Audiences will discover:

  • How to create an emotionally-literate, communicative partnership between self, brand, audience, and revenue.
  • How teaching pattern recognition leads to shortened sales cycles.
  • How to alter, eliminate, and establish new mental formations; processes that unlock opportunities for growth.
  • How to identify the root-cause(s) of your marketing funnel gaps and how to map conversions effectively.
  • 7 personal leadership skills to effectively manage yourself and others.

What would you do if you gave yourself the permission to try?

How would you do it?

Learn the Alignment

Derek MacDonald believes in an emotionally-literate and communicative partnership between self, team, brand, audience, and revenue.

As the Senior Manager of Performance Enablement at OneDigital, he brings over a decade of experience as a marketing manager and storyteller – relishing the opportunity to find and fix funnel gaps.

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Keynote Speaking

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