Marketing Strategy

Roadmapping that Resonates

Offering what you have to those who need it requires an intentional sequence and the systems to support it.

I’ll help you navigate everything from product positioning and go- to-market strategy to demand generation, marketing automation, and content creation to increase sales.

Order that informs operation.

Don’t settle for murky marketing attribution.

We need to pay attention to the words, phrases, and patterns that matter to your revenue equation and deprioritize the rest; the chatter.

Having an equation to represent your marketing’s impact on your revenue means that you can control your growth at all times – you have to apply an emotionally-literate lens to the data you’re synthesizing. I can help.

Ways to Work Together

Marketing + Product StrategyEditorial Calendar
Website Mapping + NavigationContent Creation Frameworks + Distribution
Content Strategy + Brand MessagingCopywriting + Copyediting

Identifying root-cause for revenue growth allows for repeated, variable isolation – for pattern recognition to create actionable insights.

Digging Deep.

Getting to know you, so we can help them.

What does success look like?

What are your revenue goals?
What’s working well?
Who are you finding the most sales success with?
Which products or solutions are you finding the most success with?
What strategies and tactics are working best?
Do you have cross-sell + upsell opportunities to leverage?

What common objections do you face the most?
Do your users understand your product or solution offerings?
What is the length of your sales cycle?
What does your lead scoring and segmentation look like?
What does marketing and sales alignment look like?
What are your conversion rates by funnel stage?

marketing metrics.


What are your revenue goals?
What is your total addressable market (TAM)?
Who are your competitors and what are they doing well?
What role does RevOps play within your marketing funnel?

What SEO strategies and tactics are you using?
What topic clusters, pillar pages, web and blog optimization best practices are you utilizing?
How do you structure your editorial calendar for blogs, premium content, social media, email nurtures, and paid campaigns?

content marketing
+ paid media.

KPIs and Analytics.

What customer relationship management (CRM) software do you use and how?
Do you measure the health of your contact list?
What branding guidelines do you have in place?
Are you using call to action (CTA) and conversion strategy across your website + campaigns?
What is your current use of form strategy?
What conversational marketing tools do you use?

Connecting the Contours

Together we’ll convert more leads through tailored storytelling and intentional processes.

From cold to close, I help businesses develop and execute marketing strategies that increase revenue growth.

Marketing Strategy

It all starts with designing a plan. We’ll distill your goals, the impact you want to make, and the ways in which you want to create results.

Content Creation

The trick to getting more leads and conversions? Writing copy that sounds human and that will resonate with, well, humans.

Keynote Speaking

My personal story and actionable marketing knowledge give you positive ways to enact change and earn results.