Meet and Greet

Derek MacDonald believes in an emotionally-literate and communicative partnership between self, team, brand, audience, and performance.

He brings over a decade of experience as a marketing manager and storyteller – relishing the opportunity to find and fix funnel gaps.

Marketer. Writer. Athlete.

My interest in understanding the mental formations that drive people to reach their goals has earned me a finely-tuned expertise in exploring personal growth and fulfillment.

Derek MacDonald

My name is Derek MacDonald and I am a storyteller based out of Burlington, VT who does his best thinking while running in the mountains, accompanied by my dog and a podcast.

A Massachusetts native, I grew up sliding on snow in Vermont’s Mad River Valley. After college, I moved to Jackson, WY in search of big mountains and unconventional approaches to a life well lived.

In 2021, I answered the Green Mountain’s call and returned to Burlington, VT, where I currently reside.

Hard skills without soft skills fall short. Both hinge on a desire to learn.

As a manager, strategist, writer, athlete, coach and keynote speaker, I have long been enamored with the journey – the stories of how and why we pursue the destination.

Together we’ll convert more leads through tailored storytelling and intentional processes. From cold to close, I help businesses develop and execute marketing strategies that increase revenue growth.

Leveraging over 10 years of marketing agency and in-house experience — from sales to onboarding and from marketing strategy to content creation — my unique journey has allowed me to foster community in service of positive business outcomes.

I conduct workshops to define, develop, and build holistic engagement strategies throughout the customer journey. My career has given me remarkable exposure to cohesive team function and deep knowledge of effective customer lifecycles.

Crafting marketing funnels, buyer personas, conversion maps, and content plans for billion dollar companies has made me an expert at designing marketing to sales handoffs and generating pipeline growth.

Explore My Work

Outside of work, I spend time volunteering for local advocacy programs and coaching freeride snowboard athletes. As a member of the board of directors for Carving The Future, I advised on marketing strategies that empowered underserved youth in Wyoming by providing gear, programs, lessons, and athletic scholarships. My contributions to Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine and NOLS’ The Leader bring me joy and pride for a community that savors zest.

I have worked with Massachusetts HOBY for the past 12 years to develop staffing teams and implement curricula that inspire young people to become catalysts for positive change in their home, school, workplace, and community.

An avid marathon and trail runner, you’ll also find me mountain biking and backpacking with big goals and great friends.

Connecting the Contours

You need better leads. Maybe you need more leads, too.

Both are possible when you seek to understand root-cause. I’ll help you to generate full-funnel conversion by aligning your marketing and sales processes.

Marketing Strategy

It all starts with designing a plan. We’ll distill your goals, the impact you want to make, and the ways in which you want to create results.

Content Creation

The trick to getting more leads and conversions? Writing copy that sounds human and that will resonate with, well, humans.

Keynote Speaking

My personal story and actionable marketing knowledge give you positive ways to enact change and earn results.